Pole Dance Lessons in Tempe

Our pole dance lessons are designed to cater to each individual. These lessons are private classes for 1 to 3 students. Unlike the regular classes which allow up to 3 students per pole for a total of 9 people per class, the private group instruction only allows 1 person per pole.

If you are interested in taking pole fitness classes yourself or with a few close friends then we have something for you, whether you are at a beginner or advanced level. Review the details of each level below and then call the studio to schedule the class that fits your goals and skill level.

Beginner lessons include:

  • Basic pole moves & spins
  • Sensual dance moves
  • Proper form and technique
  • Safety tips
  • Beginner¬†transitions
  • Strength exercises
  • Beginning & ending poses

Intermediate lessons include:

  • Intermediate pole moves
  • Climbing the pole
  • Strength poses
  • Flexibility poses
  • Intermediate transitions
  • Combinations
  • Beginner choreography

Advanced lessons include:

  • Advanced pole moves & spins
  • Advanced strength poses
  • Inverting on the pole
  • Endurance moves that require stamina
  • Advanced combinations
  • Advanced choreography

Check out the current class schedule for private lesson availability.

$30 per person for private group lessons, 60 minutes total (2-3 per class).

$60 for a private lesson for 1 person, 60 minutes total.

Lesson schedules are flexible. Call to schedule an appointment.

Call 602-579-1214 – Renee / Owner

Address: 5010 S Ash, Ste 104, Tempe

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