Pole Dance Classes in Tempe

Our pole dancing classes combine many forms of dance including contemporary and aerobic-style dance with pole technique for an amazing and unique fitness workout. The classes vary in intensity depending on the level, but you can expect some things from all classes: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility exercises that are fun!

Beginner Pole Fitness Series: This series focuses on learning a core group of base spins which can be used to build on for many different spins and moves. During this 4-week series we will cover over 100 moves that are considered beginner level moves. Taking this series is the fastest way to learn all the base moves need to progress to the next level of pole. $100.00 total

Individual Pole Fitness Classes: Each class includes a warm up, safety tips, strength exercises, dance moves, several spins, spin variations, flexibility poses, and a cool down. $20.00 each

Private Group Class (Single or Ongoing) - These classes are private groups of friends, coworkers or other organized groups that want to learn pole dance together. If you want to explore any of our regular beginner classes, but are not the group fitness type then form your own group and join us for a great workout. The fitness classes range from: pole choreography to introductory pole fitness to a strength and flexibility pole class and MORE. Groups must include 5 people. For rates for larger classes or ongoing private group classes contact the studio. $15.00 per person


Check out the current class schedule for series availability.

Call 602-579-1214 – Renee / Owner

Address: 5010 S Ash, Ste 104, Tempe

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