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Pole dance moves names and descriptions.

Pole Dance Moves Glossary

Pole dancing is evolving and growing as a sport. Many pole dance fans are self taught. Some of those participants have developed moves alone or with a group of peers and they have named those moves. Many of those participants have dubbed themselves instructors and began instructing other participants. In fact some of those instructors even went on to create schools that now certify others to be instructors as well.

The only problem with this whole situation is that different instructors from different parts of the world have named the same move different things. So now you may have one move with several different names and sometimes even several different variations. Due to this inconsistency I have yet to find a complete glossary of moves that incorporates the different names and variations of the moves that exist in pole dance. So I decided to create one myself. I have been researching moves for several years now and have compiled a very extensive list of moves. Later this month I will be launching the first edition of my glossary of pole dance moves.

The best news is that this glossary is going to be absolutely free. It will be a pdf that is given out to everyone who signs up for my monthly newsletter. So make sure you check back at the end of the month for your opportunity to grab this great resource.

Pole Trick or Move?


Pole Move or Pole Trick?

Well, some might say that moves and tricks are two different feats on a pole, but others would argue that many moves are tricky and therefore should be classified as tricks.

I believe that the industry is developing so quickly that there is still some controversy over what constitutes a move, trick, and pose. Part of the problem is that none of the terms are very well defined. Even the definitions that do exist are not all consistent. Also, some pole fitness feats can fall into more than one category.

So, is an inverted move just a move, pose or a trick?