Pole Dancing Celebrities

Pole dancing is the fastest growing fitness trend among women as of late. Women in Hollywood are no exception, some top celebrities enjoy pole dancing as well. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Miley Cyrus’ pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards and most remember Britney’s “Gimme More” video. You can also find pictures, videos or pole dancing testimonials from: Teri Hatcher, Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, Pamela Anderson, Kate Hudson, Daryl Hannah, Heidi Klum, Brooke Hogan, Kimberly Stewart, Tori Spelling, and Carmen Electra.

Women of all ages enjoy pole dancing and soon learn that it not only keep you fit, but is also loads of fun.

Pole Dancing For Fitness

Why choose pole dancing for fitness over the countless other fitness options available? Two words… It’s fun!

That’s my answer, it’s fun. If you haven’t tried it you don’t know what you’re missing. In what other sport can you fly through the air like peter pan or twirl around in the air feeling almost weightless? Maybe in gymnastics or acrobatics, but that is not necessarily easy for people of all body types and fitness levels. Nor is it as accessible as pole dancing for exercise.

That is what I love about pole dancing as a sport and exercise form. No matter your fitness level, size, or shape there is a pole dance spin for you. There are so many beginner level spins that are suitable for everyone to try. Think spinning around a pole like a fireman would on the way to a call.

Most beginner level spins do require some balance, coordination, and strength, but with a little practice even a novice pole fitness fan can conquer them all. I encourage all women to try pole dancing as an exercise form at least once during their quest for fun in their fitness.