Pole Trick or Move?


Pole Move or Pole Trick?

Well, some might say that moves and tricks are two different feats on a pole, but others would argue that many moves are tricky and therefore should be classified as tricks.

I believe that the industry is developing so quickly that there is still some controversy over what constitutes a move, trick, and pose. Part of the problem is that none of the terms are very well defined. Even the definitions that do exist are not all consistent. Also, some pole fitness feats can fall into more than one category.

So, is an inverted move just a move, pose or a trick?

Pole Dancing Fitness Craze

Pole dancing women were once only found in men’s clubs and strip clubs, but those days are long gone. Pole dancing has emerged as the latest fitness craze. These days women, and men alike (especially in other countries), can be found tackling pole dance moves. Pole dancing for fitness usually combines several forms of exercise to form a unique routine. Typical pole dance workouts might include pole moves with some of the following: dance, yoga, aerobics, and strength training. A guaranteed component is fun!

Pole dancing for exercise allows women to leave their inhibitions at the door, embrace their sexiness, and build their confidence at all once. Women walk into the studio, with beats thumping, music pumping, and they can’t help but get in the groove. Women embrace their bodies and move in a sensual way that helps them to remember why they love their bodies so much.

Then when they are fully pumped up, they can move on to the more challenging and endurance-building aspects of a pole fitness workout. They get to really push themselves and use all of their bodies muscles at the same time. Sometimes they awaken muscles they forgot they had, but it feels so good…they wouldn’t dare stop.

Next they work on taking those moves and making them their own. Putting theiron unique twist on them and putting their own creative spin on them. Twirling and whirling around the pole like a couple of kids on the playground after school. They let loose and get caught up in the moment and do it all for themselves…for their own well-being.

Finally, they slow it down and cool it down. A few more tantalizing moves that remind them how great it is to be a woman. They relish in the fact that they just performed a whole body workout and didn’t even realize they were doing it, it was just fun!

This is why pole dancing for fitness is the latest rage. When the daily grind of life gets to be a bit much, women everywhere want to scream timeout and get a moment in for themselves. Nothing is better than a workout that’s good for the body, mind, and the soul!

If you haven’t yet tried this awesome workout, don’t wait another day. Check out our group classes and join us for one soon!